Frankfurt 3D-Artwork inspired by Rizzi and Fazzino

Frankfurt 3D-Artwork was specially designed for you - our customers in Frankfurt and is the new highlight in our assortment created by the artist Paolo Randazzo. Inspired by Rizzi and Fazzino, this limited to 150 pieces and signed artwork, was created just for you. The 3D artwork is handmade and colorful. It shows lovely sights of Frankfurt at a glance. We offer the artwork professionally framed or without a frame. Many more cities and zodiacs available.

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Frankfurt 3D-Artwork by Paolo Randazzo

3D-Artwork with 3D-Picture Frame

Inspired by Rizzi and Fazzino, Paolo Randazzo - an artist from Munich - has been creating colorful 3D-Artworks of German and international cities since 2007. The series "I love ..." includes many major German cities, places and traditional Munich venues as well as capitals from Amsterdam to Vienna. His creative, handmade and happy glittering art is complemented by 3D zodiac signs and commissioned works such as cities in large and special formats.

The making of "I love Frankfurt" 3D-Artwork

The creation of the 3D-Artwork "I love Frankfurt", which is limited to 150 pieces, took place on our behalf and is a "gift" for our customers and all Frankfurt fans. It takes various steps to the completion of the 30 x 30 cm large, three-dimensional 3D-graphic, which is very well suited as a unique gift for all Frankfurt fans. The artist Paolo Randazzo first collects inspirations, which he then draws and colors. These are cut out in further steps and glued and decorated lovingly by hand on top of each other with small spacers.

The first "I love Frankfurt" artworks in 40x40 cm (15,75 x 15,75 inch) are available exclusively at Art & More´s online shop  


Making Off 3D-Bild Frankfurt

Our exclusive offer for you:

  • "I love Frankfurt" 3D-Artwork available as 30 x 30 cm 3D graphics for self-framing
  • alternatively available in a handmade 40 x 40 cm 3D wooden picture frame in four different colours
  • on high-quality Hahnemühle mat board
  • limited and signed by the artist
  • many more cities available as a limited edition
  • 3D zodiacs as a personal gifts available


All 3D graphics by Paolo Randazzo are available from Art & More in the following variants:

  • unframed for self-framing, external dimensions 30 x 30 cm
  • framed in various 3D picture frames, external dimensions 40 x 40 cm
  • Made on high quality Hahnemühle passepartout
  • framed with multilayer Hahnemühle passe-partout
  • 3D picture frame optionally with high-quality acrylic glass or glare-free museum glass