Custom Framed Mirrors

Have your individual mirrors custom framed in our frame workshop. We can frame mirrors of any size in wooden or aluminum picture frames. We also manufacture custom mirrors in different shapes and sizes and frame them in customized frames. Our mirrors are oval, round, square or rectangular and all have a stable thickness of 3-4 mm to prevent distortion.

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Have your mirror, wall mirror, bathroom mirror framed professionally

Mirrors are popular wall decorations in rooms or corridors. Whether as an opulent mirror with a golden Baroque frame in the bedroom or dressing room or as a modern aluminum frame in the hallway or bathroom. We can make any custom mirror for you and frame it in a matching frame to your desire.

If you already own a mirror and would like to have it framed, just bring it along in our frame workshop near Frankkfurt and select a matching frame strip of wood or aluminum on site. We will do the rest for you.

All mirrors from our frame workshop have a stable thickness of 3-4 mm, to prevent distortion and are not comparable to cheap mirrors from the hardware store. The mirrors can be made with tailor-made cutting edges or polished edges.


In our workshop we offer the following services for mirrors:

  • Making of custom mirrors (3-4 mm thickness)
  • Framing mirrors in custom made  wooden or aluminum frames
  • Crystal glass mirrors
  • Different shapes: oval, round, square, rectangular mirrors
  • Accurately cut edges, polished
  • Accessories for mirrors
  • Self-adhesive mirror hangers, mounting kits
  • Delivery and installation of mirrors also large mirrors possible