Framed Canvases and Fabrics

Framing of printed and painted canvases, fabrics, embroidery and leather.
Professional clamping and framing of canvases in floating frames, stretching of embroideries and presentation of fabric and leather pieces.

Canvas on stretcher in a floating frame

Framing of the artwork "Johannisberg" on canvas by Michael Apitz in a colourful matching floating frame, which gives the canvas a three dimensional look.

Framing of embroideries

Stretching or padding and framing of embroideries and tapestries of all sizes with or without mount boards.

Framed fabric on matching mat

Framing of fabric and textiles on or behind mount boards. This example shows a piece of fabric, brought from Peru, on matching mat in "leather look". Framed in a square, vintage wooden picture frame.

A piece of leather in a picture frame

Framing of a piece of leather from Cuba in a black wooden picture frame. Idea and implementation of a laminated Cuba flag as background including invisible fixing of the leather on the flag. This is how it becomes a unique and new work of art.

Embroidery in golden frame with mount board

Framing of an embroidered picture "Madonna with child" in a matching, decorated gold frame. The embroidery is protected in a mount board and behind glass. There are also framings of embroideries without mats, sometimes padded and without glass possible.