Floater Frames for canvas on stretcher bars

Floater frames are the perfect framing of canvases on stretcher frames. There is a small shadow gap between the canvas and the frame, which makes your cabvas appear almost floating. A floater frame gives every canvas, whether painted or printed, that certain special look and offers high-quality framing with a wooden picture frame. In our frame workshop, as well as our online shop, we offer a large selection of self-made floater frames in different shapes and sizes.

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Framing of stretched canvases in floater frames

Floater frames offer your stretched canvas a very special and high-quality look. At the same time, they emphasize your canvas by giving it more depth and protection. We manufacture floater frames on demand in our frame workshop and also offer a large selection of handmade frames in standard sizes in our webshop. These are finished and pre-drilled so that you only have to frame your canvas.

Our range around floater frames:

  • Framing of your canvases on standard stretcher frames 1.8 - 2 cm
  • Stretching canvases on stretcher bars
  • Framing of painted canvases in floater frames
  • Framing of printed canvases on stretcher frames
  • Own production of wooden stretcher bars in 20 mm and 40 mm
  • Hanger for floater frames
  • Floater frames available in many colors and styles
  • Many pre-drilled floater frames in standard sizes available in the webshop
  • Theft protection
  • Large formats and special formats

Floater frames - we frame your stretched canvases

Art&More floater frameArt&More small floater frameAre you looking for a high-end presentation for your canvases on the wall? A stretched canvas can be professionally framed in a floater frame made of wood or aluminum.
The floater frame is a frame with an approx. 1 cm wide gap between your canvas and the actual frame and is not glazed. This gives your canvas a modern look and extra depth.

Cost for a custom-made floater frame

We offer a wide range of floater frames in different colors and at different prices.
For your orientation you can briefly calculate a simple, custom-made floater frame with a price starting at 40 € / running meter (picture on the left varies in price).

Floater frame costs

In our frame workshop we professionally frame your canvas by hand in floater frames. In the list below you will find standard sizes and a starting price for floater frames. Canvas sizes on stretcher and according costs for the floater frame. Examples are for a standard wooden black frame.

size canvas/stretcher frame
price floater frame, standard wood black
30 x 40 cm starting at 55 €
40 x 50 cm starting at 75 €
50 x 60 cm starting at 89 €
60 x 80 cm starting at 115 €
70 x 100 cm starting at 135 €
100 x 100 cm starting at 159 €
100 x 120 cm starting at 179 €
120 x 120 cm starting at 195 €
100 x 150 cm starting at 219 €

These are estimated prices and apply ONLY to the pre-drilled floater frame, in which you can quickly and easily frame your canvas yourself. Additional services such as the professional framing of your canvas in that floater frame or the stretching of the canvas on stretcher bars by one of our employees will be charged separately.

You want to have your canvas stretched on stretcher bars? In our category "canvas" you can find out more about our full stretching service.