Object Frames

Individual Object Frames - handmade in our frame workshop.
We frame various objects ranging from small coins and medallions to instruments, jerseys and life-size Formula One racing suits.

Framing of a Formula One race suit of Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna

Exclusive framing of a life-size Formula 1 suit in LED illuminated picture frames (own production). Lighting with and without motion detector or app-controlled. Special feature: levitating optics without hangers and filled authentically.

A piece of World Heritage in a picture frame

The framing of heavy objects is a special challenge. Here, an approximately 12x15 cm small, but 1500 gram heavy steel plate of the World Heritage Site "Völklinger Hütte" was lightly and weightlessly framed behind a printed mount board.

Object frame with relief or drumhead

A very special musical highlight was the production of an object frame for a hand-signed drumhead by Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Here with multiple mount boards and round cut-out. But even invisible attachments of reliefs and and plates on fitting mats are possible for exhibiting objects.

Jersey Frames

Jersey frames are very popular with sports fans. With such a frame you can best protect and artfully present your favourite cycling, football or soccer jersey and other equipment such as gloves from motorsport. They are available with and without hangers (custom made).

Object Frame with medallion

This object frame was made for a 7 cm small medallion. The special feature lies in the red interior and gray side spacer, which gives the medallion a floating character and depth (3D effect). The attachment is invisible behind the medallion and imperceptible to the eye.