Gilded Frames - Handmade to perfection

Gilded frames are handmade wooden frames, which are crafted individually to fit any artwork. The characteristics of a gilded frame is the closed and reworked corner. and the gilt by hand. Available in gold, platinum and silver plated. Did you know you could also shop Spagl frames online?

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What are gilding frames?

Gilding frames are exclusive, handcrafted picture frames. They are made entirely according to your wishes and individual dimensions. All gilding frames are unique pieces that are perfectly crafted with love and passion down to the last detail.Von Hand gemalte Goldornamente auf Bilderrahmen

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Handcraft with tradition

Gilding frames are created in several steps using traditional tools and valuable materials. Only materials such as real gold, silver and platinum can be used to refine the surfaces (leaf refinement). Almost any format is possible. All studio frames, as gilding frames are also called, are grooved from ecologically certified wood and the mitred corners are handcrafted to a high quality.

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Characteristics of a gilding frame

The repeated application of chalk covers the miter and creates the characteristic feature of a hand-gilded frame: the closed and reworked corner. Today's gilders use the same tools and materials as their predecessors from bygone times. Even the frame strips are often based on classic models from earlier style eras. Gilding frames are unique pieces and, thanks to a numbered certificate, remain unmistakable collector's items, which skillfully emphasizes each picture.

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